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ProBuild Fitness is a Fast-Growing Women’s Fitness Apparel company where we give back to help Determined Women to Look Good and Feel Great!

*Only open to US residents currently*
  1. Fitness Models
  2. Brand Ambassador
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We will send you some clothing of your choice from our website for FREE including shipping. No cost to you what so ever!!


  • Have over 10,000 + IG follower (must have swipe up for link insert)
  • Must send us back pictures and a small gym video of you working out in the clothing. (We will do additional editing)
  • Must post on your own social media once a week with ProBuild Fitness tagged in the post. (Could be as simple as a hash tag, shout out, or thanks)
  • We will also tag you in our post if you would like. (Just let us know)

Please send us an email at: info@probuildfitness.com on your fitness journey and why we should sponsor you.


A ProBuild Fitness Brand Ambassador plays a vital part in spreading awareness of the importance of women’s fitness and our apparel line.

We know you love Fitness if you are inquiring already! We see your amazing social media posts every day...women who like to exercise, feel good, and look great, athletes who reward themselves knowing that every work out gets them one day closer to their goal!

Share your Fitness obsession with your followers and promote our awesome brand!  


Our Brand Ambassador program is our way of saying thank you.

Every ambassador gets a personalized Discount Code with a unique Tracking Link. Every time someone purchases through your Tracking Link or uses your Tracking Discount Code you are rewarded. The more you promote, the more benefits you'll receive.


  • Monthly discount codes
  • $$ Commissions $$ (extra income)
  • Be a part of a Fitness Culture and become an Influencer 

• Commissions for individual orders will show up on your Our Dashboard once the order ships, we will notify. (This may take a few days)
• Commissions are paid out monthly once the total amount reaches a minimum of $20.
• Commissions are paid out at the end of the month and cover commissions earned during the previous calendar month(s).
• Ambassadors cannot receive commission or sales credit on their own orders, orders shipped to their address, or orders from another ambassador.
• Ambassadors cannot receive commission or sales credit on any orders using their personal discount code.
• To receive commission credit using your tracking code, every purchase must be made directly after clicking on your tracking code (as the last click) and not on an ad or email.
• Commissions are calculated based on the Discount Subtotal of each purchase (after any discount has been applied) and does not include shipping charges.
• All commissions are paid through PayPal. Ambassadors must sign up for a Paypal account.
• All commissions paid out through Paypal that are not claimed within 30 days will automatically be forfeited.

**There's absolutely no fee to join or requirement to sell!

Please DM us on FB / IG or email us at: info@probuildfitness.com and we will set up a code for you to promote out to your followers, friends, and family!

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